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We hope your visit to our site gives you a chance to better understand the job performed by the men and women working at the Public Defender’s Office.

We are a voice for the poor. Our mission is to ensure equal justice for our clients by providing exceptional legal representation. For those unable to afford a private lawyer, we provide representation in criminal, juvenile, mental health, and probate.  Our attorneys & staff are highly trained in these areas and are here to serve you, our community.

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Hall of Justice

800 S. Victoria Avenue

Room # 207

Ventura, CA 93009

(805) 654-2201

Juvenile Justice Center

4353 Vineyard Room #296

Oxnard, CA  93033

(805) 981-5990

Inmate Locator

The Inmate Locator provides information regarding arrested and in-custody persons in Ventura County.

Docket Finder

The Criminal Docket Finder was developed in accordance with Marsy’s Law to provide victims with information on the defendant’s appearance at public proceedings.

DISCLAIMER:      This site is meant to provide information of a general nature which you should verify with an attorney before relying upon it. It does not provide legal advice and is not meant to establish an attorney-client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice you should ALWAYS contact an attorney.

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